OUT December 2005

ASMUS TIETCHENS »Seuchengebiete« CD (DS88)

7th part in the re-release series of all early Tietchens albums between 1980—1991. Another early Tietchens classic, the first where he only used a single sound source as the basis for a complete album. Originally released on A-Mission in 1985 the CD version includes one bonus track. Full colour fold-out booklet featuring the original cover artwork plus liner notes by Tietchens. Edition of 1000 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Hydrophonie 2« 24'21 mp3 sample
2. »Hydrophonie 5« 20'39 mp3 sample


3. »Hydrophonie 4« 11'59

Total playing time: 56:59 min.

ASMUS TIETCHENS »Seuchengebiete« (A-Mission Records PRO 18:4) 1985
Immediately after the completion of »Hydrophonie 1« (from »Formen letzter Hausmusik«, Die Stadt/DS84) I began to work on similar pieces based on the same working method (see sketch). There was a significant difference to the former piece though. This time no other sound elements but those directly derived from a jet of water were used. This jet of water was simply produced by a tap in the studio toilet. The sounds produced were recorded on three seperate tracks with two mono microphones and one contact microphone, in order to get the optimum basic sound material for my succeeding work in the studio. My main tools for the realization of these pieces were a new mixing desk with parametric equalizing, and a digital reverb machine. As a result of the recently upgraded studio equipment I was able to produce concrete music with more filigree structures. Also the handling of the sounds created by the water presented me with such a variety of possibilities, that I kept working on the series of »Hydrophonien« well into the 1990's, and after an interruption of 10 years, I started thinking about a new approach to this material again.
There were two reasons for offering this album to the english label A-Mission Records. Firstly United Dairies — who released the predecessor »Formen letzter Hausmusik« — had a policy to only release one album by each artist not connected to their own group project Nurse With Wound. Secondly my decision resulted from a disappointing listening experience. In 1983 A-Mission Records released an album by the justly forgotten group Metgumbnerbone, which produced crude ritual rumblings with human skulls in hell. The liner notes featured the usual mumblings of devasted industrial sites and forbidden cults, in short: An admittedly contemporary expression of Zeitgeist, but also a fairly secondary one. After listening to this album I was convinced that I could deliver a better description of an atmosphere of emptiness and isolation than them, because firstly I'd be doing it without all that childish theatre, and secondly because I'd be able to describe it much better soundwise. To my surprise the owner of the label agreed with me after having listened to a demo copy of »Seuchengebiete«. The album was actually released after the usual waiting period of one year. I then recieved 25 copies of the album for my personal use and never heard from this label again. I assume they just stopped sometime in the second half of the 1980s. A-Mission Records had a policy to use quotes from the bible (english version) as catalogue numbers. Therefore PRO 18:4 also stands for a verse. Because I never owned a bible myself. nor did I really care to decipher it, and the label itself also remained silent about this, I only found out what it meant lately: THE WORDS OF A MAN'S MOUTH ARE DEEP WATERS, BUT THE FOUNTAIN OF WISDOM IS A BUBBLING BROOK (PRO 18:4). Well...

Asmus Tietchens, 2005

Editorial notes:
Because of the big dynamics and the resulting quiet passages in the pieces I decided to get rid of the tape hiss with the help of a recent computer programme. Actually this was an easy decision for me as already 20 years ago I was very unhappy with being confronted with even the slightest bid of tape hiss.
»Hydrophonie 4« was supposed to be part of a follow-up release which only saw the light of day as »Seuchengebiete 2« (Syrenia) on CD in 1992.
»Hydrophonie 4« didn't make it onto this album as time had passed it by.


PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT December 2005

ORGANUM »Die Hennen Zähne« 3" CD (DS57/DS66)

A four track mini CD combining the never released two 10 inch's »Maus« (DS57) and »Die Hennen Zähne« (DS66). »Die Hennen Zähne« opens with »Die Kralle« actually a David Jackman track from his archive recorded in the early 1980's. Next is the title track »Die Hennen Zähne«, a joyful noise not unlike some of the TNB/Organum material incl. the sound of broken glass and tibetan horns, best to be experienced LOUD. »Maus« is the centre piece of this mini album and typical »old school« Organum. The album closes with the more quiet and haunting »Kazi«, a live improvisation featuring collaborator's Michael Prime and Emma O'Bong. Digipack. 600 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Die Kralle« 2'53 mp3 sample
2. »Die Hennen Zähne« 5'18 mp3 sample
3. »Maus« 7'13
4. »Kazi« 2'54

Total playing time: 18:18 min.

PRICE: 10,00 €

OUT November 2005

FOVEA HEX »Bloom« CD EP (DS83/JR001)

First in the »Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent« series of three CD EP's by this new project founded by irish singer Clodagh Simonds. Contributors incl. Brian Eno , Roger Eno, Laura Sheeran, Lydia Sasse, Cora Venus Lunny, Toby Arnott, Carter Burwell and Andrew McKenzie of THE HAFLER TRIO. The CD comes in a beautiful embossed cover in an edition of 2000 copies. The special edition of 300 copies features a bonus »rework« CD of the EP by Andrew McKenzie of The Hafler Trio entitled »The Explanation« (23'28) only available from Die Stadt mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Don't These Windows open« 3'21 mp3 sample
2. »We Sleep You Bloom« 9'30 mp3 sample
3. »That River« 4'25

Total playing time: 17:16 min.


PRICE: 13,00 € (Standard Edition) / 17,00 € (Special Edition) — SOLD OUT

OUT October 2005


Released in conjunction with a live concert on the 2. October 2005 in the »Lagerhaus« Bremen. The 2 x 7 inch feat. four exclusive tracks for this project. Z'EV provides another intense mix of material which partly originates from a live recording from the »Atonal Festival« in Berlin back in 1983. Side B feat. John Duncan with a strange static sound/noise piece, whereas both Aidan Baker on Side C and Fear Falls Burning (a new project by Vidna Obmana) on Side D give fine examples of their slowly building drone scapes. Edition of 600 numbered copies of which the first 300 copies come on clear vinyl. The discs come in a full colour fold-out cover. As a bonus to the clear vinyl edition a 2CD was produced only available with this first edition of 300 copies. The 2CD consists completely of remixes by all four artists reworking the original material of the 7 inch's by another artist. CD »E« track 1 feat. Z'EV remixing John Duncan plus Duncan remixing Z'EV on track 2. CD »F« feat. Fear Falls Burning remixing Aidan Baker and vice versa on tracks 2 and 3. The CD's come in a seperate full colour fold out cover. The first 100 copies of the 2CD are signed by all four artists!
Track listing:

2 x 7 inch:

Side A:
1. Z'EV »Elementonal« 5'01 (45rpm)
Side B:
2. JOHN DUNCAN »OFFFFFFFF« 5'01 (45rpm)
Side C:
3. AIDAN BAKER »Drone Four (excerpt)« 10'06 (33rpm)
Side D:
4. FEAR FALLS BURNING »The Beautiful Decline (excerpt)« 9'47 (33rpm)


Side E:
1. Z'EV »Untitled« 20'34
2. JOHN DUNCAN »bkg« 12'03

Side F:
1. FEAR FALLS BURNING »Drone Four« 36'46
2. ADAIN BAKER »The Beautiful Decline (Declining Mix)« 14'15
3. ADAIN BAKER »The Beautiful Decline (Declined Mix) 9«58

Total playing time: 123:31 min.


10,00 € (2 x 7 inch / Black Vinyl)
18,00 € (2 x 7 inch / Clear Vinyl & 2CD) — SOLD OUT
24,00 € (Signed Edition) — SOLD OUT


MIRROR »Still Valley« CD (DS87)

Re-release of DS78 incl. one extra track. One of Mirror's finest works recorded by Andrew Chalk, Christoph Heemann and Jim O'Rourke between May 2002 — January 2005. The music on »Still Valley« might seem calm on the surface but something mysterious is going on underneath. Edition of 1000 copies in dye-cut cover similar to the LP version. The first 200 copies include four prints only available from Die Stadt mail order.
Track listing:

1. »Still Valley (Part One)« 19' mp3 sample
2. »Still Valley (Part Two)« 9'25 mp3 sample
3. »Still Valley (Part Three)« 19'24

Total playing time: 47:52 min.


PRICE: 16,00 € (Standard Edition) / 22,00 € (Special Edition)

OUT June 2005

MONOS »Generators« 2CD (DS74)

Long announced new drone release by Colin Potter & Darren Tate. This double album consists of two different works recorded between 2002—2003 at IC studio. Disc one features 3 tracks that are loosely based on processed field recordings in the 'classic' Monos style, exploring internal spaces. Disc two has one long track of arganic & electronic tones which combine to give a dense cloud of flowing sound. Additionally there will be a special mail order only edition incl. an extra CDR, containing a track made up of components from both discs, which produces a completely different result. Full colour digisleeve. Artwork by Darren Tate & Helen Potter. Design by Jonathan Coleclough. First edition of 600 copies.

Track listing:

CD 1:
1. »Sleep« 23'07
2. »Generators« 21'50
3. »Slowly Fading« 26'25 mp3 sample

1. »The Black Sea« 48'00 mp3 sample

Total playing time: 118:22 min.

PRICE: 18,00 € (Standard edition) / 24,00 € (Special edition) — SOLD OUT

OUT June 2005

ASMUS TIETCHENS »Formen letzter Hausmusik« CD (DS84)

Part six in the ongoing re-release series of all early Tietchens albums on CD. »Formen letzter Hausmusik« was originally released on UNITED DAIRIES (the label run by Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound) in 1984. The original album consisted of a mix of archive tracks from the late 1960's / early 1970's and new tracks specially recorded for the release. Many people see »Formen letzter Hausmusik« as the first »real« Tietchens album laying the basis of what was about to follow in his long recording career and therefore vote this album among the most important and best Tietchens works. The CD version includes three unreleased Bonus tracks and comes with the usual poster booklet featuring the original cover art plus text by Tietchens about the release.

Track listing:

1. »Volksfest« 5'31 mp3 sample
2. »Hydrophonie 1« 11'06
3. »Kammermusik 1« 6'02 mp3 sample
4. »Kammermusik 2« 4'01
5. »Hitch« 3'00
6. »Studie für Glasspiel« 5'22
7. »Studie für Cembalo und Zither« 6'41
8. »Studie für Klavier« 10'37
9. »Studie über B-A-C-H« 7'41


10. »Hitch 2 1'52
11. »Vox humana 2'55
12. »Speeds and Clusters 6'31

Total playing time: 71:17 min.

In 1983 I finally decided to set the course for a new musical direction. On one hand it became clear to me that my ability to create rythmic and harmonic pop-music was somewhat limited, and that I began to repeat myself and even worse than that to become more and more redundant. On the other hand my interest in the music which I diligently created until the mid 1970's was renewed. Actually it was fairly easy to follow this path again as the so called »industrial movement« had already build the basis for a new and positive perception of noise as a main structure in music at that time. In spring 1983 I was visited in Hamburg by David Elliot — publisher of both the Neumusik fanzine and the tape label Yorkhouse Records — who suggested that I should send a demo tape feat. tracks recorded in the late 1960's and early 1970's to the british United Dairies label. No sooner said than done. The demo featured tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all of them pure electro-acoustic pieces, which were created without electric sound sources. United Dairies replied to me expressing interest in releasing an LP and asked me to record some new/additional material (1, 2, 8, 9); three of these new pieces are also pure electro-acoustic while track 9 was realised on the Fairlight CMI — the first playable digital music computer apart from the Synclavier. United Dairies was happy with the results and decided to release the complete selection of pieces with a total playing time of 60 minutes as an LP in 1984. It's worthwhile to point out that the excellent quality of the pressing met the standard of a classical music pressing and that this shows how much care and money was put into the production of all United Dairies releases. It was only some years later that I learned that they actually worked with a pressing plant specializing in the production of classical music.
I don't consider Formen letzter Hausmusik as an industrial album, as it wasn't my intention to produce industrial music at all, nor was/is United Dairies an industrial label. But because of the great variety of styles and the impossibility to categorize all the individual creations of these new Noise-musicians, everything (incl. United Dairies with his whole range of artists) which wasn't New Wave, Indie-Rock or Punk was labeled Industrial because there simply was no better description yet. The term »Difficult Music« wasn't really accepted because it was too blurred. But why have a quarrel about the emperor's beard ? For me Formen letzter Hausmusik was the result of the search for an aesthetic target after a long period which was characterized by several mistakes and confusions. I'm still following this aesthetic path until today, except for occasional escapades, even though the musical roughness of the 1980's gradually transformed to a kind of crystaline view far away from human beings.

Asmus Tietchens 2005

Editorial notes:
Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 7 were originally recorded in mono but were later transfered by analogue to stereo for the Lp release in 1984. I decided against changing these pieces to stereo digitally for the CD as I wanted them to stay true to the sound picture of the complete LP 21 years ago. The three bonus tracks 10, 11 and 12 were also recorded in mono but I had to change them to stereo digitally as the machines for doing an analogue stereo version are no longer at my disposal. Divergent from the original LP version track 6 can be now heard with the accidental ending caused by a cough drop. The LP cover actually featured two front sides. One which was designed by myself using a photograph by Kim Suprare and the other which shows a collage by Steven Stapleton. This compromise was necessary because all the covers of the U.D. releases were designed by Steven Stapleton himself, but I also insisted that my own visual ideas should be allowed for inclusion. The original insert of the LP is a combination of Steven Stapleton's design and my hand written notes taken from a letter including the credits for the tracks. The labels were solely designed by Steven Stapleton.


PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT July 2005


Two of the leading artists in their own field team up again for the much anticipated second installment of their collaboration project. Like part One this comes in special deluxe handmade cover with mysterious inserts. First edition of 1000 copies. Total playing time: 82:16 min.

»The deformation of light entering several lives is simply a prismatic event and depending where the bottle spins, you're it. the acclaimed and cajoled, fussed over and clutched to multifarious bosoms is about to tread no water and several grapes, the resulting liquid pours off and conserved, but never leaving the family, in its way, that is, at least for some of us, and not very all others. be that as it may, and that is probable, it approaches with a glint in its eye, and full boots, not needing a high horse or even a fence to jump over. maybe a candlestick. tell us the time. are you in blue little boy? or are you grown up into what you always thought you would someday be? just asking. name? what's in any of them is out of the bag.
The second part of the award winning and chart-topping confluence of the entities known sometimes as autechre and the hafler trio. or something very like it. longer, uncut, 50% less fat, and free house with every copy. that last part *may* not be entirely true.«

Track listing:

CD 1:
1. »æo3« 32'36

1. »3hæ« 49'40

PRICE: 25,00 €

OUT January 2005

THE ANTI GROUP »Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated« Maxi CD (DS67)

Die Stadt is delighted to announce the first new release by the mysterious and legendary project THE ANTI GROUP / T.A.G.C. in 10 years. The single ca. 17 min. long track on this CD is a wonderful example of their ability to create »mind-altering« music, but as some of their past releases proved, Care should be taken when listening to this CD at high volume.
The line up for this release may have included: A.M. Mckenzie of THE HAFLER TRIO (»P.A.P.D.« was first heard at some h3o live shows in 2003) and original members of the group M. Hogg and R. Baker.
The CD comes in an silver embossed digisleeve and includes a 16 pages booklet with extensive texts. Edition of 600 copies.
»The original idea for The Anti Group was devised by A. Newton and S. J. Turner (of CLOCK DVA) as early as 1978, with the intention of the formation of a multi-dimensional research & development project active in many related areas. Research and development of sound, film, video and performance and the documentation of each project was the fundamental »modus operandi«. Underlying this basic idea is the deeper philosophical and theoretical conceptuality; The Anti Group could be any given number of collaborators or participants. In this respect The Anti Group are free from the formats that have built in limitations, operating within this context The Anti Group are also free from the erroneous problems of Ego.«

Track listing:

1. »P.A.P.D.« 16'28


PRICE: 14,00 €

OUT January 2005

ORGANUM / Z'EV »Tocsin -6 Thru +2« CD (DS77)

Following their maxi CD »Tinnitus Vu« on Touch in 2004 »Tocsin« is the first full lenght album produced together by these two renowned sound artists. Whereas »Tinnitus VU« was mostly the result of Z'EV reworking material by Jackman, »Tocsin« is the result of the artists agreeing to meet and work together in the studio. They created and recorded sounds from a piano (which can be found at RMS Studios London) and a stainless steel instrument (built by Z'ev circa 1989), over the course of several hours. They then took the recordings home, and after a period of each one mixing these sounds by themselves came up with what can be heard on this CD. Two distinct sets of work which formed this multilayered and fascinating album.
Graphic design: David Jackman. Graphics engineer: Jonathan Coleclough.
Edition of 600 copies in full colour 4 panel digisleeve.

Track listing:

1. »Tocsin -6« (Z'ev) 4'08 mp3 sample
2. »Tocsin -5« (Z'ev) 3'57
3. »Tocsin -4« (Z'ev) 3'25
4. »Tocsin -3« (Z'ev) 3'33
5. »Tocsin -2« (Z'ev) 4'28
6. »Tocsin -1« (Z'ev) 4'03
7. »Tocsin 0« (Z'ev) 3'38
8. »Tocsin +1« (Jackman) 14'54 mp3 sample
9. »Tocsin +2« (Jackman) 7'13

Total playing time: 49:24 min.


PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT January 2005


Fifth part in the ongoing re-release series of all early vinyl albums by Tietchens on CD. This one from 1983 marks the end of his Sky »phase« and was the last to feature his very own version of »Synthesizer Pop Music« for some time (he'd only return to this music with the release of his Hematic Sunsets albums in the late 1990's). The CD also feat. the rare »Rattenheu« 10" only release plus one unreleased archive track and comes in a transparent jewel-case with full colour poster booklet feat. a reproduction of the original cover art and extra photos. Edition of 600 copies.

Track listing:

1. Zeebrügge 7'01 mp3 sample
2. Abhuster Nebulizer 2'09
3. Unterhaltsmusik 2'11
4. Vorsaison 4'05
5. Pollys Square Dance 2'41
6. Torpedo Ahoi 5'27
7. Energie-Dossier 2'21
8. Ritual Der Kranken Freude 9'35
9. Litia 1'28
10. Auf Elf 1'30


11. Flut 3'21 mp3 sample
12. Hertzlicht 3'53
13. Kreuze Des Sudens 4'45
14. Vom Pol Zum Metropol 6'38
15. Atommacht Indien 3'49


16. Verbrauchte Verbraucher 2'17

Total playing time: 64:41 min.


PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT November 2005

MIRROR »Still Valley« LP (DS78)

Fantastic new album by MIRROR recorded between May 2002 — January 2004. Again Andrew Chalk & Christoph Heemann were joined by Jim O'Rourke for this album, who already played on »Die Spiegelmanufaktur« pic LP (DS46) / CD (DS54). »Still Valley« might be calm on the surface, but something mysterious is happening underneath. This athmospheric work ranges among their finest works to date and is first released on vinyl only (the CD version feat. extra material to follow in spring 2005). Edition of 500 copies of which the first 200 copies are on clear vinyl incl. a signed & numbered print only available through mail order. 300 copies are pressed on black vinyl. Both versions are housed in a dye-cut cover and a printed inner sleeve.

Track listing:

Side A:
1. »Still Valley (Part 1)« 18'57

Side B:
1. »Still Valley (Part 2)« 19'32

Total playing time: 38:29 min.

PRICE: 22,00 € (Special Edition) / 15,00 € (Standard Edition)

OUT November 2004

DAVID JACKMAN »Edge Of Nothing« 10 inch (DS60)

Die Stadt is delighted to announce the re-release of yet another classic work by David Jackman following the re-release of Organum's »Vacant Lights« album back in summer 2004. »Edge Of Nothing« was recorded in 1983 and was originally released on the legendary »The Elephant Table Album« compilation (also feat. among many others NURSE WITH WOUND whose Steven Stapleton got in touch with Jackman after hearing »Edge Of Nothing« stating that the track was »a cherry on a pile of vomit«. Soon afterwards Jackman and Stapleton would work together on several projects — Stapleton released two albums by Organum »Submission« and the split NWW/Organum »A Missing Sense/Rasa« LP on his own United Dairies label. Both tracks are new mixes of the original material made in January 2003.
The sleeve illustration is an isometric image of a WW1 British machine gun emplacement taken from an original drawing made by a member of 23 Field Company, Royal Engineers in Febuary 1918. Cover design by Jonathan Coleclough.

Track listing:

1. »Edge Of Nothing« 6'29

2. »Edge Of Nothing« (Version) 6'29

Total playing time: 12:58 min.


PRICE: 11,50 €

OUT October 2004

WILLIAM BASINSKI »Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive« 2CD (DS71/durtro071)

Die Stadt is exceptionally pleased to announce the release of another excellent work from the archives of american composer William Basinski (who is also responsible for one of the most beautiful and moving series in the field of experimental music: the four »Disintegration Loops I-IV« CD's released on his own 2062 label). This 2CD is a joint release with David Tibet's (CURRENT 93) own DURTRO label. It comes in a 4 panel digisleeve. First edition of 600 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Part 1« 14'22 mp3 sample
2. »Part 2« 23'13
3. »Part 3« 11'19
4. »Part 4« 9'18

1. »Part 5« 15'11 mp3 sample
2. »Part 6« 13'22
3. »Part 7« 20'16
4. »Part 8« 11'38

Total playing time: 118:49 min.

WILLIAM BASINSKI about this work: »Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive« was created in 1981 using piano tape loops, which were played randomly against themselves creating feedback loops. By "cloning" small cells of melody and then "breeding" them randomly, new sounds were formed. These new sounds move in and out of the original cells, creating complex crystalline structures: new life forms not unlike cities for example, which the original cells occupy, moving in and out of one another in surprising variations. The equipment I used to record these pieces was very primitive and my recording technique preposterously amatuerish at that time, yet what occured in these youthful experiments compelled me to continue learning and growing as a composer. Many thanks to David Tibet for releasing this work at last. for James Elaine

DAVID TIBET about »Variations«: »I am delighted and honoured for myself and Durtro to be releasing, in collaboration with Jochen Schwarz and Die Stadt, »Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive«, a heartbreaking new album by one of my all-time heroes, William Basinski. I was originally introduced to Basinski's inexplicable and beautiful work by Antony of Antony And The Johnsons, with whom Basinski has played, when Antony gave me a cassette tape of his work of excerpts from the »Variations« album that is now available from Durtro/Die Stadt. I played it to death and asked Antony for more information on this elusive artist. And the result of my love for his work has comeabout to my delight... Basinski is an innovator, a visionary and a sweetheart. I love his music. So will you !«


David Tibet, 15/X/2004


PRICE: 18,00 €

OUT October 2004

ORA »Morgendämmerung« 10 inch (DS79)

This 10 inch vinyl only release by ORA, a group project which mainly consisted of Andrew Chalk, Colin Potter and Darren Tate — who both later moved on to become MONOS — active between 1991—1998 features two hauntingly athmospheric tracks from their rare »New Movements In G« CDR (150 copies) originally released on Darren Tate's own Gnome Records label in 1998, and were not included on the two Ora retrospective CD compilations »Final« and »After The Rainfall« (both on Colin Potter's own ICR label). For these recordings Ora were: Darren Tate, Colin Potter, Lol Coxhill, Daisuke Suzuki on the A-Side »The Sun Sheds A Golden Tear«, and Darren Tate & Colin Potter on the B-Side »The Impregnable«.
Cover photography by Darren Tate. Inner sleeve artwork by Helen Potter.
Cover design by Jonathan Coleclough. Edition of 500 copies in full color sleeve on clear vinyl of which the first 100 copies come on black vinyl only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »The Sun Sheds A Golden Tear« 10'41

2. »The Impregnable« 11'26

Total playing time: 22:07 min.

PRICE: 11,50 €

OUT October 2004

MIRROR »Places Of Light« LP (3P18)

The follow up to their excellent »Under The Sun« LP (3P17) from early 2004. Not to be missed. Edition of 400 copies with handmade covers.

PRICE: 30,00 €

OUT October 2004

MIRROR »Figures In A Landscape« 2LP (3P20)

Another special limited release by Mirror produced for their 3 concerts end of October. Re-release of the »In To The Wood« (3P7) and »Live In Bern« (3P16) CDR's on vinyl. Edition of 300 copies with numbered insert in two seperate hand made covers. Each one different! PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE INSERTS OF THE REMAINING EDITION ARE NOT SIGNED AS PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED HERE.ONLY THE FIRST COPIES WHICH WERE SOLD AT THE MIRROR CONCERTS IN OCTOBER 2004 INCLUDED THE SIGNED & NUMBERED INSERT (AS SHOWN BELOW). SORRY FOR THIS MISTAKE !


PRICE: 55,00 € — SOLD OUT

     OUT June 2004

ORGANUM »Vacant Lights/Rara Avis« 2CD (DS62)

Jochen Schwarz / DIE STADT is very delighted to announce the re-release of »Vacant Lights« one of his all time favourite works by David Jackman, in combination with a second CD comprising of five unreleased or hard to find tracks entitled »Rara Avis«. David Jackman, active since the late sixties as a member of THE SCRATCH ORCHESTRA and later with many solo works and under the name ORGANUM with changing line-up's, was supported on these recordings by some of the main collaborator's during this Organum phase: Dinah Jane Rowe, Jim O'Rourke, Eddie Prevost (AMM), Christoph Heemann (H.N.A.S.), Robert Hampson (Main) as players and Steven Stapleton (NWW) and Peter McGhee in the studio. Most of the recordings on these two CD's show the more contemplative side of the ORGANUM sound, the main characteristic being Jackman's playing of various types of bamboo flutes some of which were actually made by David Jackman. The inside cover features one of the two collages by David Jackman that were used for the original LP sleeve. Cover design by Jonathan Coleclough. Edition of 600 copies in 4 panel full color digisleeve. The first 150 copies incl. a poster with the artwork feat. on the back side of the original LP cover.

Track listing:

1. »Vacant Lights Pt 1« 17'01
2. »Vacant Lights Pt 2« 15'17 mp3 sample

1. »Iuel« 3'28
2. »Wolf« 4'08
3. »Obon (Version)« 4'43 mp3 sample
4. »Hibakusha« 3'40
5. »Rara Avis« 3'45

Playing time: 52:02 min.

VACANT LIGHTS: recorded live in the backyard of long-gone IPS Studio, Sherperd's Bush, London. Performed by Dinah Jane Rowe and David Jackman, with Steven Stapleton and Peter McGhee at the controls. Four recordings were made. Two survive and are presented on this CD. Originally released as an LP on Jon Carlson's Dom America label in the late 1980's, the CD version has been carefully re-mastered from the original reels. It was one of the easiest and most trouble-free Organum albums to make. Jane and I went to IPS on a sunny 20 August 1986, did the music in an hour and a half, went home. It was ordinary, a normal day. RARA AVIS is a short collection of five pieces, three of which have appeared on 7-inch singles: IUEL and WOLF on Dom America, HIBAKUSHA on Walter Robotka's Syntactic label. Jim O'Rourke added guitar to IUEL, Christoph Heemann put some microphone feedback into WOLF. OBON (VERSION), originally recorded way back at IPS, is one of four alternate mixes engineered years later by Robert Hampson and Mr. O'Rourke. RARA AVIS is a previously unused mix created by Jim circa 1991 from sounds made during the AURORA sessions of 1990. Extensively re-worked in 2003, it features Jim, Jane, Eddie Prevost and myself. At the time of writing, Jim and the others have not heard what is in effect a new piece.

Alan Jones of RMS Studios, London, provided excellent and ever-patient help with the editing of the masters.

My thanks to all who helped to create these works.

David Jackman, Sunday 23 May 2004

PRICE: 18,00 €

OUT June 2004

ASMUS TIETCHENS »In die Nacht« CD (DS72)

Fourth part in the rerelease series of all early vinyl albums by Asmus Tietchens on CD. This is the third of the SKY albums from 1982 incl. three bonus tracks of unreleased material not included on the original LP. Comes with a poster booklet feat. the original cover artwork. Edition of 1000 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Mit Zebras rennen« 2'01 mp3 sample
2. »In die Nacht« 6'41
3. »Höhepunkt kleiner Mann« 6'27 mp3 sample
4. »Kopfüber in den Gully« 2'24
5. »Spanische Fliege« 7'01
6. »Unter fliegenden Tassen« 3'41
7. »Regenwald« 5'20
8. »Park und guter morgen« 3'15

Bonus tracks:

9. »Würgstoffe« 3'34
10. »Niedermacher« 2'05
11. »Lebende Regler« 2'04

Playing time: 44:33 min.

Asmus Tietchens »In die Nacht« (Sky Records 077) 1982
To my surprise, SKY ordered a third album from me. For distribution reasons the album had to be finished rather quickly. This presented me with an immediate problem, as usually it would have taken about three months to complete an album with twenty tracks similar in style to those on »Biotop« or »Spät-Europa«. There was not much time to decide whether to say no to the SKY offer, or deviate from my usual doctrine of Short Tracks. I decided for the latter and, eyes wide open, stepped into an aesthetic trap. I found myself trying to square the circle, wanting to have the rich detail of my short works at the same time as creating longer pieces. This experiment, an equivalent to doing the splits, was only partly succesful. It is not really possible to create pieces of six minutes or more from ideas which are only adequate for tracks of three minutes, unless one is willing to risk musical redundancy or, worse, long-windedness. In retrospect, the four central tracks of »In die Nacht« are too long for the material from which the are built. Back in 1982 though, my opinion was different. Nonetheless, I did gain my first insight into the rules of time and proportion, even though I was not able to handle them perfectly. I managed to complete the album in three weeks, helped by the fact that I was able to include some tracks left over from the »Spät-Europa« sessions. So the tapes were delivered on time, even though I was not 100% happy with the collection. SKY, however, was very enthussiastic about the album and released it immediately, at the same time offering me the option of a fourth LP. By then I had decided that I was no longer willing to work to a deadline, nor did I want to be compromised by a label's distribution policy. There would have to be some mutual agreement well in advance. Either that, or nothing woulf come of it. I would like to thank Gunter Korber of Sky Records for his kind permission to re-release »In die Nacht« and the three other SKY albums, and for allowing me to use the original lables in facsimile.

Asmus Tietchens, 2004

Editorial notes:
The three bonus tracks on this CD were not included on »In die Nacht«, as both SKY and myself felt at the time that they were too experimental. The original tapes of those three tracks no longer exist. The versions included here are taken from good quality safety copies.

PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT Febuary 2004


Part Three in the ongoing rerelease series of all early vinyl albums from 1980—1991, this is Tietchens second album for SKY Records recorded in 1981 documenting his search for his own style of »pop music«. Edition of 1000 copies in jewel case with poster booklet feat. the original cover artwork.

Track listing:

1. »Spät-Europa« 2'08 mp3 sample
2. »Frautod Grafitto« 2'05 mp3 sample
3. »Mythos und Gummibärchen« 2'32
4. »Lourdes Extra« 2'08
5. »Poanpo« 2'09
6. »Nervenfalle« 2'07
7. »Größenwarnung« 2'06
8. »Bescheidenes Vergnügen« 2'09
9. »Schöne Dritte Welt« 1'57
10. »Hermannstrohm« 2'04
11. »Erloschene Herzen« 2'07
12. »Endspannung« 2'04
13. »Betablocker« 2'13
14. »Tretboot zum Schafott« 2'12
15. »Ausverkauf« 2'13
16. »Bockwurst à la Maitresse« 2'06
17. »Passaukontrolle« 2'05
18. »Wein aus Wien« 2'24
19. »Stille Häfen« 2'17
20. »Epitaph« 1'48


21. »Soirèe« 2'52
22. »Zum Tee bei Frau Hilde« 2'37

Playing time: 48:23 min.

Asmus Tietchens »Spät-Europa« (Sky Records 070) 1981
Even more consistently than on »Biotop« I kept all of the tracks on this album deliberately short. Originally, all of them were supposed to be exactly two minutes in length but, back then, without a computer, this was not really possible and the idea could not be carried ot precisely. Nonetheless, this strict concept gave the listener a total of twenty miniatures, four more than on »Biotop«.
The technical standard of the studio had improved rapidly. It was possible for me to indulge in as many tracks as I wanted ! However, these two aspects presented me with a creative problem: I either had to respond in a very appropriate way, or would end up producing somewhat useless »filler« material. The first I was not yet capable of and the second would have been embarrassing. »The shoemaker should stick to his last«! I decided to stay with a maximum of eight tracks as this would give me no problems at all. New synthesizers (Polymoog, ect.) and an enlarged array of additional equipment (EMS Vocoder, Ring Modulator, Sampler, ect.) forced me to learn a lot of new things, but I worked my way through it all quickly and thoroughly. The results found their way into the music on this album. The jubilant sound of »Schöne Dritte Welt« was created by the late Andreas Hoffmann, a.k.a. C.V. Liquidsky. Parallel with this album I worked on a series with the working title of »Experimentelle Geselligkeit«, a string of musical sketches which I was wanting to use with my regular electronic equipment. I then realised that the relative inflexibility of the rythmn machine made it impossible to transform these sketches into complete works. The rythmic patterns proved to be incompatible. As a result, that work came to a halt, leaving the sketches unreleased. Two of them are included as bonus tracks on this CD. »Soirèe« and »Zum Tee bei Frau Hilde« were intended, in a re-arranged form, to be the basis of an album with the previously mentioned title of »Experimentelle Geselligkeit«. The series was never completed, and the fragments were put aside. Only thirteen years later, when the »Aroma Club« opened its doors, did I return to the idea. I would particularly like to thank Gunter Korber of Sky Records for his permission to re-release »Spät-Europa« and the other three Sky albums, and to use the LP labels in facsimile.

Asmus Tietchens 2003

The inscription on the run-off area of side 2 of the LP reads: À REBOURS

Editor's notes:

Again, I used only the original tapes for this CD, because by comparison the cleaned-up versions are of a lesser quality (see »Biotop«). This was a particular problem for the track »Stille Hafen« where, on the cleaned-up version, the quiet passages are no longer audible because the automatic noise reduction identified them as tape noise. Meanwhile, the years had taken their toll on the original tape itself. This fault is heard as an apparent, occasional wowing of the sound. Nonetheless, in the end I decided to use that original tape because at least all of the original musical components are still there.

PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT March 2004

KONTAKT DER JÜNGLINGE »Frühruin« Box + Mini CD (DS69)

A box to hold all four parts of the series 1, 0, -1, n plus a mini CD for the first time featuring studio material by Köner and Tietchens. Limited edition of 500 copies of which only 400 copies are available for wholesale. The first 100 copies include a numbered insert only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Frühruin 1« 5'52 mp3 sample
2. »Frühruin 2« 9'21 mp3 sample

Playing time: 15:13 min.

PRICE: Box + mini CD = 20,00 €
Box + mini CD + 4CD's: 1(DS34), 0(DS39), -1(DS48), n(DS63) = 80,00 €


OUT May 2004

Z'EV / THOMAS KÖNER & ULRICH KRIEGER »Untitled« 2 x 7 inch (DS75)

Four exclusive tracks. Released in conjunction with a live performance at the »Lagerhaus« Bremen on 17. April 2004. Record One features two very dynamic untitled tracks by legendary »industrial« percussionist Z'EV recorded and mixed in early 2004 (look out for an Organum/Z'ev CD on Die Stadt later in 2004), while record Two features »Zerfall_Gebiete« a new collaborational project by Thomas Köner and Ulrich Krieger (former Zeitkratzer member who besides his solo work also plays in various other projects e.g. in a band project with Lee Ranaldo, DJ Olive, William Hooker and others). The two atmospheric tracks mark the very beginning of their mutual work and are a promise of more great work to come. Edition of 500 numbered copies in color fold out cover. The first 200 copies come on clear vinyl of which 100 copies are signed by Z'ev and were sold at the concert, the remaining stock only available through mail order.


PRICE: 15,00 €

OUT July 2004

ANDREW CHALK »Fall In The Wake Of A Flawless Landscape« LP (3P13)

The first new solo release by Andrew Chalk since his »Over The Edges« LP from 1999 on Streamline. The material was recorded in 2003. Great cover artwork by the artist. For anyone interested in Mirror this of course is a must. Limited edition of 600 copies.

»When the moon did not free him nor the sun release him, he thought his time strange, became impatient with his life; he moved the gate of the fort with his ring finger, suddenly turned the bony lock with his left toe; with his nails he got outside the threshold, with his knees out from the door of the entrance. Then he plunged straight into the sea, the person among the waves. There he lay outstretched for five years, both five years and six, seven years, eight. At last he came to a stop on the surface, by a nameless headland, a treeless land. With his knees he struggled up from the ground, with his arms he turned himself over. He got up to look at the moon, to admire the sun, to observe the Great Bear, to scan the stars.«

PRICE: 15,00 € — SOLD OUT

OUT June 2004

JIM O'ROURKE »Two Organs« LP (3P15)

The second archive release following last years great »Scend« LP (3P8). 2 pieces for organ composed and performed in 1991 when Jim was finishing his music studies at de Paul University in Chicago. ... these pieces had almost been forgotten about as Jim's musical interests soon took a change of direction. Only now released for the first time in any format this LP instantly draws the listener inside this recently imagined timelessness... Arik Einstein — »Certain Music« (LX) Edition of 1000 copies in special die-cut cover with full color innersleeve.

PRICE: 16,00 €

OUT December 2000


Released in conjunction with a live performance that took place at the »Lagerhaus« Bremen on 26. September 2003. Exclusive tracks by all three artists. John Duncan's »The Gossamer Dispatch« is another fine example of his work with Shortwave sounds and a sort of more agressive version of his acclaimed »Phantom Broadcast« CD. C.M. von Hausswolff delivers a spoken word piece for the first time. Title: »The way The Breeze Lays«. »The Cobblestone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat. No 8« by Leif Elggren is a short but powerfull example of his vibrating music. Edition of 500 numbered copies in color fold-out cover. First 100 copies on clear vinyl include a CDR by Kent Tankred only available through mail order. THIS VERSION IS DELETED !

Track listing:

1. John Duncan »The Gossamer Dispatch« 3:26 min.

1. C.M. von Hausswolff »The Way The Breeze Lays« 3:23 min.
2. Leif Elggren »The Gobblestone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat. No.8« 2:05 min.

Playing time: 8:44 min.

1. Kent Tankred »Transmission II« 24'00


PRICE: 8,00 € (Standard Edition)

OUT October 2003

JOHN DUNCAN »Da sich die Machtgier...« CD (DS65)

A new CD by John Duncan which is completely based on recordings of Asmus Tietchens voice. Edition of 1000 copies in digipack cover with insert. The first 100 copies come with a different colored insert which is signed & numbered by the artist only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Freih zein hoern macht...« 19'36 mp3 sample
2. »Tauf sind mit andere namen« 13'45 mp3 sample
3. »Das Ich macht...« 2'44
4. »Aber...« 30'00

Playing time: 66:05 min.

John Duncan about »Da sich die Machtgier...«:

ASMUS TIETCHENS proposed that he and I work together years ago — many years ago. For a variety of reasons it didn't happen , and at this point I don't remember any of them. Finally we agreed to start: I asked him to send a recording of his voice and said I'd work with it, send him the result and continue from there — figuring that he would add to my gestures, then I'd add to his, ect., until we were both satisfied. Asmus sent recordings of him reading two excerpts from texts by E. M. CIORAN. Asmus had already processed his voice on both tracks, which are left more or less intact here on track 3.
After eighteen more months I started working on them, and a couple of weeks afterward send him the results. Asmus liked what he heard, said he felt it was already finished — and since he hadn't participated directly in the composing process, he couldn't accept credit for involvement in it. We still disagree on this, but it's useless to insist that someone accept what he doesn't feel he's earned. So although I remain convinced that Asmus deserves to be acknowledged as an equal, we've agreed that this project would be credited to me alone.

»For thousands of years, the appetite for power being dispersed in countles tyrannies, great and small, which have raged here and there, the moment seems at hand when that appetite must finally collect and concentrate in order to culminate in a single power, expression of that thirst which as devoured, and still devours the globe, last word of all our dreams of mastery, the consummmation of our hopes and abberations. The sattered human herd will be united under the guardianship of one pitiless shepherd, a kind of planetary monster before whom the nations will prostrate temselves in an alarm bordering on ecstasy. The universe brought to its knees, an important chapter of history will be closed. Then will begin the disintegartion of this new reign and the return to the primal disorder, to the old anarchy; the smothered hates and vices will reappear and with them the minor tyrants of the bygone cycles. After the Great Slavery, mediocre ones. But as they emerge from their monumental servitudes, the survivors will be proud of their shame and, incomparable victims, will celebrate its memory.«
— E. M. Cioran, »Learning from the Tyrants«

PRICE: 16,00 €

OUT November 2003

ORGANUM »Ein schwärzeres Schwarz« 7 inch (DS73)

The two tracks here are a development from the »Die letzte Musik vor dem Krieg« 7 inch (DS70) further focusing on piano sounds which became the main inspiration for the new solo & Organum material by David Jackman.

Track listing:

1. »Ein schwarzeres Schwarz (Part 1)« 3'19

1. »Ein schwarzeres Schwarz (Part 2)« 3'27

Playing time: 6:46 min.

PRICE: 8,00 € (Standard Edition)

OUT August 2003


The second part in the rerelease series and the first of four albums that were issued by Sky Music in the early 80's. The CD version incl. 2 unreleased bonus tracks and is another edition of 1000 copies with poster booklet in jewel case.

Track listing:

Bonus tracks:

1. »Futurum Drei« 4'50
2. »Fast Food« 3'55


3. »In die Zukunft« 2'33 mp3 sample
4. »Miss Ann Trope« 2'04
5. »Die elektrische Horde« 2'04 mp3 sample
6. »Räuschlinge« 3'59
7. »Geisel des Monats« 2'30
8. »Blutmund« 2'23
9. »Cretin statique« 2'33
10. »Gasmaske in Blau« 2'24
11. »Moderne Arroganz« 2'38
12. »Stressmen« 2'05
13. »Tango Fellatino« 2'34
14. »Sauberland« 2'03
15. »TrÜmmerkÖpfe« 2'04
16. »Sekundentanz« 3'31
17. »Träumchen am Fenster« 2'31
18. »Biotop« 3'12

Playing time: 51:34 min.

Asmus Tietchens »Biotop« (Sky Records 057) 1981
With the release of this album, a 3 year interlude began which was dominated by the use of Roland »CompuRhythm« drum-machine. In addition, I discovered new sounds and playing possibilities on the Moog which considerably expanded my creative armoury. I also added a conceptual self-limitation: no track should be more than four minutes long. In the end, the majority of the pieces on the first two Sky albums actually clocked in at under three minutes each. In the opinion of my musical mentor Okko Bekker, their sparseness and short lenght evoked the impression of radio time-signals (Radio-Zeitzeichen), a form of acoustic station identification which was already obsolete by then. This reference provided me with the name for my accompanying orchestra, which consisted solely of musicians from the experimental music scene in Hamburg. Because of the total absence of bass lines the commercial potential of the pieces was virtually non-existant. The album was recorded on an 8-track Otari tape-machine. The Eventide digital harmonizer and the Ursa Major »Space Station« reverb-machine also played a part. All of the pieces were recorded in 1980. They were not commissioned by any label, the contact with Sky Records only happening in 1981. The two bonus tracks from 1979 mark a decisive break with previous work (»Nachtstucke«). »Futurum Drei« was recorded between 6th and 9th of July 1979. »Fast Food« came three weeks later. While the first of the pair does not totally make the break with the old way of working, the second points clearly into a new direction.
I would particularly like to thank Günter Körber (Sky Records) for his kind permission to re-release »Biotop« and the three other Sky albums, and for allowing me to use the orignal labels in facsimile.

Asmus Tietchens 2003

Editor's notes
All of the recordings on the four Sky albums were treated with a then brand-new system used for suppressing surface noise and for minimising tape and equipment noise. Unfortunately , very quiet passages such as fade-ins and fade-outs suffered from this treatment. On close inspection, some of the tracks on the LP's definitely show signal break-up and lack of brightness. With hindsight, because of the high level of signal on the original tapes, I could have avoided this treatment. However, at the time I decided to go ahead because I thought it a more professional approach. Less would have been more. Only tracks 9, 10, 13 and 14 were treated in the above-mentioned way. On this CD I decided to use the original tapes. On its original LP, the track »Biotop« end with a lock-groove. On this CD it has a rapid fade-out.


PRICE: 15,50 € (Standard Edition)

OUT August 2003


Fourth part in the ongoing series of live collaborations by THOMAS KÖNER & ASMUS TIETCHENS. This marks the end of the first phase in their mutual work feat. the familiar »classic« cover style. The music was recorded on the 28. May 2002 at the »Stedelijk Museum« in Amsterdam and shows the two treading on quieter grounds this time. Edition of 1000 copies of which the first 100 copies come with silver printing only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »n« mp3 sample mp3 sample

Playing time: 43:38 min.

PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT August 2003

ORGANUM »Die letzte Musik vor dem Krieg« 7 inch (DS70)

Two brand new pieces from 2003. Piano on side A and tibetan horns on side B add new sound colours to the classic Organum drones. Edition of 500 copies in picture cover of which the first 100 copies come on transparent red vinyl only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Die letzte Musik vor dem Krieg» 3'20
2. »Happy« 3'19

Playing time: 6:39 min.

PRICE: 8,00 €

OUT June 2003

MIRROR »Die Spiegelmanufaktur« CD (DS54)

A new CD release by Mirror, produced by Andrew Chalk, Jim O'Rourke and Christoph Heemann in 2002/03. This is the extended CD version of their limited edition picture LP on Die Stadt (DS46) feat. a 17 min. long bonus track which didn't appear on the vinyl version. The CD comes in a special die-cut sleeve and features parts of the original artwork. Edition of 1000 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Part 1« 19'47 mp3 sample
2. »Part 2« 19'57
3. »Part 3« 18'13 mp3 sample

Playing time: 57:57 min.

»......Although somewhat imposing on its own terms, the factory occupied only the most obstrusive place within the grey emptiness of its surroundings, its presence amounting to no more than a faint smudge of color upon a desolate horizon. No road led to the factory, nor were there any traces of one that might have led to it at some time in the distant past. If there ever had been such a road it would have been rendered useless as soon as it arrived at one of the four sides of the factory, even in the days when the facility was in full operation. The reason for this was simple: no doors had been built into the factory, no loading docks or entranceways allowed penetration of the outer walls of the structure, which was solid brick on all four sides without even a single window...«

PRICE: 16,00 €

OUT May 2003

THE HAFLER TRIO »No Man put Asunder. Seven Fruitful and Seamless Unions. Part the Second« CD (DS58)

Second part of the trilogy (the first part »Cleave. 9 great openings« was released by Nextera in early 2003 and the third part to follow later this year also on Nextera again). One of the most austere works by the hafler trio so far this is a different version of »Cleave« bringing a darker aspect to the fore than the former. Housed in a very special cover (embossed special paper) with enclosed booklet this is not to be missed. Edition of 1500 copies. Playing time: 67:57 min.


PRICE: 16,00 €

OUT May 2003


Released in conjunction with a live concert on the 9. May 2003 in the »Lagerhaus« Bremen. Two exclusive tracks by both artist. The h3o track »Water (Episode 2)« is a spoken word piece whereas »Die Klagegesange des kleinen Fritz« by Donnersperg shows the musical side of his work. Numbered edition of 500 copies (300 copies on black vinyl). The first 200 copies include the bonus 7inch KONTAKT DER JUNGLINGE plays THE HAFLER TRIO and include a rework of the h3o »Water (Episode 2)« track by Thomas Köner and one by Asmus Tietchens. This version comes on clear vinyl and was sold at the »Light and Sound« concerts by h3o in Germany in May 2003. The remaining stock is only available through mail order.

Track listing:

Disc One:
1. The Hafler Trio »Water (Episode 2)« 8'09
2. Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg »Die Klagegesange des kleinen Fritz«10'28

Disc Two:
1. Thomas Köner »The Köner Fragment« 4'14
2. Asmus Tietchens »vox hafleri« 4'29

Playing time: ca. 18:33 min.

PRICE: 8,00 € (Standard Edition) / 20,00 € (2 x 7 inch Edition). ALL SOLD OUT

OUT Febuary 2003

DAVID JACKMAN »Flak« 10 inch (DS53)

Side A features »Flak« which consists of a multi-layered mix of harsh sounds (similar to some of his works as Organum) whereas side B »Wietzendorf« is a straight field recording. Edition of 500 copies of which the first 100 copies are on white colored vinyl and are only available through mail order..

Track listing:

1. »Flak« 5'59
2. »Wietzendorf« 5'40

Total playing time: 11:39 min.

PRICE: 11,50 €

OUT January 2004

MIRROR »Under The Sun« LP (3P17)

A new limited vinyl only album feat. a work from 2001. Handmade covers. Numbered edition of ca. 200 copies of which only about 150 copies will be made available to the public. This is part one. Part two »Places Of Light« has already been recorded and will be released later in 2004.

PRICE: 30,00 €

OUT June 2003

JIM O'ROURKE »Scend« LP (3P8)

A tape composition from 1992 (originally released on CD) now issued in a revised LP version on Three Poplars. Limited edition clear vinyl in die-cut sleeve with insert. 1000 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Scend (Part One)« 21'18
2. »Scend (Part Two)« 19'16

Playing time: 40:34 min.

»... As I walked out, I thought »I've really started now, and I don't know where I am going to sleep tonight.« I felt excited, but also a little unhappy and alarmed. I wished I had not started out in the evening. I had been planning my tour all the weeks that I had walked to and from school in the squalid London streets. I thought, »I shall get away from all this and wear only a shirt and shorts and not go near anyone for weeks and weeks.« I had a longing to hide myself in some very isolated place, and I thought immediately of the Lakes. I wanted to go to them, but can't remember what made me finally change my plans and go to D. instead...«

PRICE: 16,00 €

OUT June 2003

WILLIAM BASINSKI »A Red Score in Tile« LP (3P10)

On their own Three Poplars label Mirror offer one of their favourite compositions by William Basinski. 'A Red Score In Tile' is a tape composition from 1979 and was inspired by James Elaine's painting of the same title. Limited Edition of 600 copies. Special edition with insert available.

Track listing:

1. »A Red Score in Tile (Part One)« 24'38
2. »A Red Score in Tile (Part Two)« 20'41

Playing time: 45:19 min.

»......something was shining in a long narrow passageway between the theatre and an adjacent building. This was where he had gone. Illumination was there and sounds. From around the corner's edge a grotesque light was trickling out, the first intimations of an ominous sunrise over a dark horizon. I dimly recognized this colored light, though not from my waking memory...«

PRICE: 16,00 € (Standard Edition) / 22,00 € (Special Edition) / 6,00 € (Insert)

OUT Febuary 2003

ASMUS TIETCHENS »Adventures In Sound / Nachtstücke« 2CD (DS55)

First in a series of 18 CD's aiming to make available all early vinyl albums by Asmus Tietchens between 1980—1991 on CD. Each release features the original tracks (sometimes extended / original versions) + unreleased bonus tracks from the same recording period, original artwork + accompanying texts by Tietchens. This — the only 2CD in the series — feat. his very first album »Nachtstücke« from 1980 (incl. 4 bonus tracks) + a 2nd CD with archive material recorded with his long time friend Okko Bekker between 1965—1969. These are the first works in Tietchens long career as a sound artist and were never released before. Edition of 1000 copies in jewelcase with full colour poster booklet.

Track listing:

CD1: Adventures In Sound

1. »A Quarter To Ten« 4'06 (Okko Bekker + Asmus Tietchens + Hans Dieter Wohlmann) mp3 sample
2. »Uruk« 2'20 (OB + AT + HDW)
3. »Studie Für Basse Und Klavier« 3'45 (OB + AT)
4. »Before Henki« 3'40 (OB + AT)
5. »Der Tenor Und Seine Lieder« 3'00 (OB)
6. »Vocal Time« 1'40 (AT)
7. »Beginning With Beatles' Ending« 2'20 (AT)
8. »Gravy Graves« 4'10 (OB + AT)
9. »Die Harten von Ur« 1'15 (OB + HDW)
10. »Drei Versionen von "The Word"« 2'05 (OB)
11. »Saturday Orpheus« 7'39 (OB)
12. »Erschaffung Gilgameschs« 2'45 (OBr + AT + HDW)
13. »Erschaffung Enkidus« 0'32 (OB + AT + HDW)
14. »Der Grüne Berg« 3'55 (OB + HDW)
15. »Castilian Guitars« 5'25 (OB)
16. »Sound Candles« 6'36 (OB + AT)
17. »1st Afternoon Without Pressure« 5'12 (OB + AT)
18. »Cripple Story« 8'52 (OB + AT)
19. »Interview mit Asmus Tietchens« (14.10.1968) 3'28
20. »Interview mit Okko Bekker« (10.2.1969) 2'36

CD2: »Nachtstucke«

1. »Erstes Nachtstück« 5'13 mp3 sample
2. »Sieben Harmoniaturen« 3'51
3. »Falter-Lamento« 6'12
4. »Viertes Nachtstuck« 4'05
5. »Intrada« 1'41
6. »Trekk« 8'18
7. »Lichterwald« 5'29
8. »Ultima Tundra« 6'06
9. »Zweites Nachtstück« 5'34


10. »Zwei Harmoniaturen« 0'57
11. »Wind Ohne Wetter« 6'24
12. »Dampf Ablassen« 3'16
13. »Strenge Klänge« 6'50

Playing time: 139 min.

PRICE: 19,00 €

OUT January 2003

THOMAS KÖNER »Unerforschtes Gebiet« CD (DS56)

First solo release by Thomas Köner for Die Stadt. The recordings started in 1997 and were completed in 2001 though the idea for this project using a found map which became the artwork already surfaced back in 1987. Thomas Köner about »Unerforschtes Gebiet«: »The basic material for this composition was dust. A dusty piece of blank 16mm film was played in a film projector and recorded as light tone / sound. These recordings seved me as an inspiration and basic sound material for »Unerforschtes Gebiet««. The CD features the two tracks that originally appeared on the picture LP (DS43) released in 2002 plus an additional unreleased track. It must be stressed that Thomas Köner regards this piece not just as a bonus track but more as a seperate work of its own. The 27 min. long »Les Soeurs Lumiere« is a soundtrack for a video presentation by Karen Vanderborght and was recorded in 2000. Although different in the use of sound it suits the ica athmospheres of »Unerforschtes Gebiet« perfectly well. The first 200 copies are numbered and come with a bandarole only available through Die Stadt mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Unerforschtes Gebiet« (Part 1) mp3 sample
1. »Unerforschtes Gebiet« (Part 2)
3. »Les Soeurs Lumiere« mp3 sample

Playing time: 71:13 min.

PRICE: 17,50 €

OUT October 2002


Part three of the ongoing »live only« collaborations between Thomas Köner & Asmus Tietchens, this is not to be confused with their CD »1« (DS34) which was also recorded at the »Lagerhaus« in Bremen back in 1999. They played their second concert here on the 28. April 2001 and again it shows their mutual talent of building a sound landscape of striking depths that if the listener is willing will draw him in further and further with every new listen. The CD comes in a bookprinted cover in an edition of 1000 copies of which the first 100 copies have silver printed covers only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »-1« mp3 sample mp3 sample

Playing time: ca. 46 min.

PRICE: 15,50 €

OUT September 2002


Two exclusive tracks that were specially recorded for this concert release on the 19. September 2002 at the »Lagerhaus« Bremen. »Heartmath« is a typical IOS track using »found music« which mutates into a quiet pulsating soundscape and back to the beginning (ending with a lock groove). »Intro/Col de Vence« was performed by Thomas Köner in full length (60 min.) and in quadrophonic sound at the concert. A beautifully atmospheric track that can be seen as a further progression from his great »Unerforschtes Gebiet« pic LP (DS43). Limited edition of 400 numbered copies of which the first 100 copies came on clear vinyl and were sold at the concert. The remaining stock available trough Die Stadt mail order only.

Track listing:

Side A: Illusion Of Safety »Heartmath«
Side B: Thomas Köner »Intro/Col de Vence«

Playing time: ca. 11 min.

PRICE: 8,00 €

OUT September 2002

ILLUSION OF SAFETY »More Violence and Geography« CD (DS52)

Rerelease of their very first self released vinyl only album from 1998. The 11 tracks display a much rawer and more »industrial« feel with the use of harsh found sounds and voices, compared to recent works. Featuring new artwork by Dan Burke perfectly matching the albums title the CD also includes an unreleased live track (approx. 11 min. long) from the early 90's that didn't appear on the original album. Edition of 700 copies in folder cover and plastic sleeves of which the first 100 copies are signed & numbered only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Get in that room Eliam« mp3 sample
2. »Techmort«
3. »Pain event«
4. »Heal«
5. »Dead girl and the man«
6. »Haydn and the jets«
7. »We can now tell you two things«
8. »A tragic age-your fifteen minutes are up«
9. »Fade-n-die«
10. »3-20-88«
11. »Brainstorm for a day / Unknown quantity« mp3 sample

Playing time: ca. 59 min.

PRICE: 14,00 €

OUT March 2002

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / ORGANUM »Der Graben« 7 inch (DS45)

Repress (200 copies) of the final joint release by this classic noise collaboration. This edition comes without the original cover, but in plain black sleeves (with center hole) and pressed on heavy black vinyl with small center hole.

Track listing:

Side A: »Der Graben« (Part 1)
Side B: »Der Graben« (Part 2)

Playing time: 3:13 min.

PRICE: 7,50 €

OUT September 2002

ASMUS TIETCHENS »Leuchtidioten« 10 inch (DS44)

Featuring two »rhythmic« tracks that were recorded during the »Teilmengen« sessions (which appeared on CD as »α-Menge« and »β-Menge« and a next part to follow on Ritornell) but were not used for these albums as Tietchens regarded them as too different to the other pieces and therefore decided to put them out on their own. Limited edition of 500 copies of which the first 100 copies come on yellow colored vinyl only available through Die Stadt mail order.

Track listing:

1. »Tot 5«
2. »Tot 3«

Total playing time: 14:22 min.

PRICE: 11,50 €

OUT September 2002


Two archive tracks. Side A features an unreleased version of »Terrain«. The original version of this track appeared on their very rare (maybe less than 25 copies) »0 Degrees North« cassette only release from 1982 on Aeroplane Records (AR4). The B-Side features the David Jackman solo track »Adrift« which originally appeared on another rare cassette single (also released in an edition of about 25 copies) »Ritual/Offshore« on Snatch Tapes (Philip Sandersons own label) in 1981. Limited edition of 500 copies of which the first 100 copies come on grey colored vinyl only available through Die Stadt mail order. This edition is deleted.

Track listing:

1. »Terrain« (Jackman/Sanderson) 6'28
2. »Adrift« (Jackman) 3'39

Total playing time: 10:14 min.

PRICE: 11,50 €

OUT August 2002

MONOS »Nightfall Sunshine« CD (DS49)

Die Stadt is very pleased to announce the release of an album by Monos which is Darren Tate (a member of ORA) and Colin Potter (who besides also being a member of ORA collaborated with Steven Stapleton on several Nurse With Wound albums — especially on the latest »The man with the woman face« — and with Jonathan Coleclough on their »Low Ground« CD, also releases solo work on his own IC label). 5 tracks based on field recordings by Darren Tate which were then electronically processed in the studio by Colin Potter. Dark & sometimes dense soundscapes all displaying a strange spelling beauty. Both artists regard this album as their finest work so far. This full color CD comes in a full color digipack with clear tray.
Artwork by Darren Tate and Helen Potter. Design by Jonathan Coleclough.
Limited edition of 700 copies of which the first 100 copies include a signed & numbered photograph by Darren Tate only available through Die Stadt mail order. This edition is deleted.

Track listing:

1. »Intro«
2. »Moon Environement« mp3 sample
3. »Brittle« mp3 sample
4. »In the Wood«
5. »Sunrise«

Total playing time: ca. 50 min.


PRICE: 16,50 €

OUT November 1999


Die Stadt is very proud to announce its first release by Richard H. Kirk, a man who hardly needs any introduction. As an original member of the legendary Cabaret Voltaire he's producing innovative electronic music for more than 25 years influencing a host of followers up until today. Since Cabaret Voltaire was put to a hold by Kirk and Mallinder in the mid 90's he released numerous recordings under various other names (Sandoz, Electronic Eye, Blackworld to name just a few). He's following this tradition with the release of his latest recordings on the Orchestra Terrestrial Here and Elsewhere CD for Die Stadt. It's the end result of Kirk's recent rediscovery of classical music, inspired by Wagner, Debussey, Mozart as much as by electronic music. Much more ambient in style than his recent other works, it shows him creating dense soundtrack like atmospheres which range from orchestral sections to more rhythmic tracks which are all typical Kirk. Displaying artwork by Naked Art and The Designers Republic this 62 min. long CD comes in a 6 panel digisleeve with special printing incl. 6 color postcards. Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.

Track listing:

1. »Low Definition Alpine D r i f t« 10'35 mp3 sample
2. »Einflug« 8'23 mp3 sample
3. »Kristall« 6'25
4. »Abends« 8'53
5. »5. Glitzerstrahl« 8'16
6. »Near Earth Object« 7'02
7. »Senses + Functions« 5'36
8. »Uniform Spaces« 6'26

Playing time: 61:40 min.

PRICE: 18,00 €

OUT November 2001


This is the second part of the ongoing series (the third part has already been recorded last April in Bremen) of live performances by Kontakt Der Jünglinge the collaborational project by renowned sound sculptor's Thomas Köner & Asmus Tietchens. »0« was recorded inside the 'M.S. Stubnitz' a ship situated in the harbour of Rostock, Germany. Much more 'basic' in the use of sounds than their first CD 1 the 43 min. long track creates a more dense & dark atmosphere with occasional rhythmic additions, seeming to reflect the space it was recorded in. Edition of 1000 copies of which the first 100 copies come with silver printing only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »0« mp3 sample mp3 sample

Playing time: 43:00 min.

PRICE: 15,50 €



The first in a series of Live CD recordings by Kontakt Der Jünglinge a collaborational project by Asmus Tietchens & Thomas Köner. This one features their very first performance which took place on the 17. December 1999 in the Lagerhaus/Bremen. An approx. 46 min. long track that reveals something new with each listen. Edition of 1000 copies of which the first 100 copies come with silver printing only available through mail order.

Track listing:

1. »1« mp3 sample mp3 sample

Playing time: 46:08 min.

PRICE: 15,50 €


DAVID JACKMAN »Verhalte Dich Ruhig« CD (DS16)

Long time announced re-release of a very rare cassette (edition of 61 copies only) from 1996. The two pieces (with a total playing time of about 30 minutes) can be seen as the first step into a direction which later developed into the »Laus« 7 inch (DS17), »Sternklare Nacht« CDR & »Rabenfeld« CDR (Flugzeug Schallplatten) and also the »Machine Gun« pieces. Found sounds (here a real orchestra) overlaid and altered making this a very strange listening experience indeed. »For a live performance any number of musicians using any instrumentation play along with the tape as best they can« (from the liner notes of the cassette). Edition of 700 copies.

Track listing:

1. »Verhalte Dich Ruhig« (Part 1) mp3 sample
2. »Verhalte Dich Ruhig« (Part 2) mp3 sample

Total playing time: ca. 30 min.


PRICE: 14,50 €